Feb 5 2010


Welcome to Red Phones.co.uk, a site dedicated to all the red telephone boxes across Britain. These wonderful British icons are disappearing everyday as they are either removed or replaced with more modern telephone boxes.

I have decided to photograph any that I come across and post them here for your enjoyment. For posterity each photograph includes the telephone box’s location and telephone number.

Submissions are most welcome here

Mar 31 2013

Bell Street


Brazon Head Bell Street
London(0207 723 7941)

Dec 31 2011

Porchester Gardens

0207 792 1714 Left Box
0207 229 0661 Right Box

Porchester Gardens
London W2 4DB

Sep 17 2011

Langham Place W1

0207 636 2458
0171 636 2592
0207 636 1353

14 Langham Place
London W1N 7DA

Sep 17 2011

Horseferry Road, SW1

0207 233 7464

Regency Place,
Horseferry Road
London SW1P 2ED

Nov 27 2010

Smiley’s Pub, USA

Smiley's pub, USA

This booth has been our pub’s icon for decades. The owner purchased it in London and had it shipped intact to Indiana. When it arrived, it was too big for the outside doors so we removed a set of windows to get it in the building! It is a working phone booth, but I don’t know the number.

Nov 14 2010

Sutherland Avenue, W9

Sutherland Avenue
Shirland Road
London W9 3RG

0207 286 1587

Oct 27 2010

Catellain Road, Maida Vale

0207 289 9635
Catellain Road
Maida Vale
W9 1LT

Oct 3 2010

Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Near Hall
Wollaton Park

01159 855 324