361,”Advanced MP3 Players”,100864544,BLOKWALNUT,0,5060136410369,,0,,”Revo Blok Real Wood iPod Speaker & Docking Station Colour WALNUT”,”iF Product Design Award Winner 2009 Natural Materials Natural Sound ABS plastic has been rejected in favour of natural materials including a beautiful handcrafted wooden cabinet. And BLOKs wooden cabinet isnt purely for aesthetics it is fundamental in achieving BLOKs rich natural sound. Switches inlays and bezels are custom manufactured from CNC machined aluminium for that reassuringly solid coldtothetouch feel that only metal can provide. Audio performance is of a HiFi standard thanks to the inclusion of NXTs premium BalancedRadiator loudspeaker technology. The result is 40 watts of high resolution digital audio deep satisfying bass and roomfilling sound. Lastly BLOK comes complete with its own unique remote control known simply as KONTROL. This ergonomic controller is a harmonious blend of machined aluminium and softtouch plastics designed to place full iPod control into the palm of your hand. BLOK plays and charges all iPod models and is supplied with a full range of dock adaptors. Handmade real wood cabinet Machined aluminium cabinet components 40 watts (2 x 20 watts) from Class D amplifier NXT Balanced Radiator speaker technology Compatible with all iPod models Includes full feature ergonomic remote control Full range of iPod dock adaptors BLOK is unlike any other iPod speaker system a stunning mix of the highest quality materials patented audio technologies and high fidelity acoustics.”,,,Speakers,15,”HiFi Speakers”,EN,Revo,http

//www.advancedmp3players.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?products_id=3453,http buy a domain .

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