361,”Advanced MP3 Players”,104052543,PICODABWHITEBGRADE,0,5060136410666,,0,,”Revo Pico Portable DAB Radio (B Grade) Colour WHITE”,”Revo Pico is difficult to categorise. Is it a DAB Digital Radio? Is it an iPod® speaker system? Is it an FM radio? Is it battery or mains powered? Designed for indoor or outdoor use? The truth is Pico is all of these things and more. It is a genuine crossover product; one that embraces a number of different technologies and fulfills multiple roles at home or just about anywhere else. Think of Pico as your go anywhere digital music companion. mPort iPod and MP3 Sound Support Revos MPort technology allows for quick and easy connection of an iPod® (or other MP3 devices or sound sources) to the Revo Pico. Using the connection lead supplied simply plug an iPod® (or other such device) into Picos MPort and you have a cordless sound system providing high quality expansive digital audio in a flash. FM Radio For fans of traditional FM radio Pico features a high quality FM tuner. Pico Goes Anywhere Pico is equipped with multiple powering options meaning that its high fidelity digital audio can to be enjoyed almost anywhere. Indoors

Pico is supplied with a mains power adaptor making it ideal for use around the home or office. Outdoors

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