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This means that the products packaging has been opened or the packaging is slightly damaged but the product is in full working condition. A BGRADE unit is supplied fully boxed with all packaging and accessories. Portable Hybrid DAB/DAB+ and WiFi Internet Radio PICO RadioStation is the ultimate incarnation of our multi awardwinning PICO portable digital radio and is capable of providing reception of a variety of radio formats including DAB and DAB+ internet radio and conventional FM. Thanks to its splashproof design and internal lithiumion rechargeable battery PICO RadioStation can be used just about anywhere as happy in your bedroom or bathroom as it is in your garage or garden. PICO RadioStation provides an unprecedented choice of over 11 000 radio stations from around the globe whether your preferred station is broadcasting from your own country on DAB or DAB+ or on the other side of the world via the internet radio platform. This versatile radio also provides reception of traditional FM broadcasts as well as the ability to wirelessly stream music from your PC or Mac. Media Player PICO RadioStation also offers full media player functionality enabling the user to listen to audio tracks stored on PCs or Apple Macs connected to the same local WiFi or LAN network. Simplicity Using PICO RadioStation couldnt be simpler with no complicated setup operations and no software to load. Connection to WiFi or Wired Network PICO RadioStation automatically connects to your existing WiFi network and uses your broadband connection to access the latest station list. Leaving you to simply select a station by country or genre and enjoy some great radio. PICO RadioStation supports WEP WPA & WPA2 encryption. PICO RadioStation also includes a wired LAN connector for quick and simple connection to the internet. Station List …”,,,”DAB Radios”,42,”Portable Radios “,EN,Revo,http

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