361,”Advanced MP3 Players”,45811138,PICOIR,0,5060136410192,,0,,”Revo Pico IR Internet Radio”,”Revo Pico IR Pico IR (Pico Internet Radio formally known as Pico WiFi) is the worlds first selfpowered internet radio featuring an internal rechargeable battery for cordless goanywhere listening freedom. Gadget of the Day Stuff.tv GeniusThis is the ultimate wireless wireless. The Gadget Show Online we suggest you get hold of the Pico WiFi T3.co.uk A World of Choice Pico IR is capable of accessing thousands of internet radio stations from all over the world giving the user an unprecedented choice of radio content. Whether listening to samba from Brazils Radio Caraibas New Orleans Jazz from WWOZ or even live baseball from New York on WFAN 660. No Rules No Frontiers With internet radio there is massive choice no subscription charges and no international boundaries. Connect Select and Listen Pico IR links to any broadband WiFi connection to stream both live and Listen Again internet radio broadcasts. Stations are listed alphabetically by country or music type making selection simple and Picos portable design means that it can be used wherever you have a WiFi connection. Additionally Pico allows you to play music files stored on any WiFi enabled PC or Apple Mac in your home. Key Internet Radio Features Easy access to over 5 500 internet radio stations from around the globe Search by genre or country Access Listen Again services such as those operated by the BBC Real Media MP3 and WMA compatible Key Pico IR Hardware Features Internal rechargeable battery for complete wireless freedom Goanywhere splashproof design Plug an iPod® into Picos MPort and you have a cordless speaker system FM radio reception Includes infrared remote control with presets Media Player Pico IR also offers full media player functionality enabling the user to listen to audio tracks stored on PCs or Apple Macs connected to the same local …”,,,”Home Audio”,5,”Audio Equipment”,EN,Revo,http

//www.advancedmp3players.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?products_id=2447,http link checker .

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